Summer Travel, Summer Fun

Every place has its “off season’ which is the time of year when there are fewer visitors from other places. This is especially true of beautiful places like Florida that attract many visitors. We don’t even need to leave our own state in order to go on a great getaway! People visit us during our winter because it’s so much warmer in Florida than in many other places. They talk of wearing parkas, beanies, and gloves. We look at them with quizzical expressions. What are these strange clothing items of which they speak? We sport flip-flops all year long. A sweater or windbreaker is our winter garb most of the time. We are fortunate, indeed.

When you do need a getaway, but don’t want to travel too far, we are close to multiple ports. That means you can jump on a cruise ship for a little summer fun! There are short weekend cruises. It doesn’t even have to be a long trip. You can just go for a few days and get pampered before returning to work again.

If you enjoy snow sports, then you have to wait until winter and you have to leave Florida. Snow is beautiful. Snow is also unforgivingly cold! But, hats off (or rather, beanies off) to you if you enjoy an occasional snow getaway.

While we usually experience some degree of tourism throughout the year, there are definitely slower times where we get to enjoy our beaches when they are not crowded and all the faces are familiar. We get to head over to a local eatery where there is probably at least one waitress and one family eating that recognize us. This is not a bad way to live!

School is just around the corner. Summer never seems to last long enough anymore and the older you get the faster the months seem to go. But, for this last little bit of summer, don’t waste it! Find a way to incorporate summer travel or at least some summer fun into your days. It may be a day trip to the beach if you live inland or a walk to the beach if you live beachside. It may be a few days spent in Central Florida at our awesome amusement parks. Although, as locals, we must tell you that summer is truly a HOT time to visit the parks, in every aspect. The temperature is hot and it is a “hot” destination. If you have the luxury of visiting in months outside of May through September, you will find the parks more tolerable temperature-wise and less crowded.

If you can’t get away or just prefer to hang out at home, that’s ok. We have something for you too! Call us today at Tripod Aluminum! Let us build you a beautiful screened enclosure in which you can spend your summer days. It may be the balcony of your condo or the entire poolside area at your house. We use quality materials to make you a beautiful outdoor living space that you can enjoy for your summer fun. If you are in the Melbourne, Palm Bay, Melbourne Beach, or Satellite Beach areas, give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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