Take the Sting Out of the Outdoors

At Tripod Aluminum we specialize in building screened areas for your outdoor space. We use high-quality materials so that your screened area will bring you enjoyment for many years. One of the benefits of having a screened patio or screened pool area (also known as a Florida Room) is that it can help keep insects away from you while you spend time outdoors. For most of us, insects are simply a nuisance, but for some, they are a matter of life and death.

Stinging insects such as bees, wasps, and yellow jackets can be deadly or severely dangerous for those with an allergy. Remember that all insect stings will cause some kind of reaction. There will be itching or soreness and probably a little swelling at the site and possibly in the surrounding area. That is a normal reaction. You can place ice on the site to relieve the symptoms. If it is itchy, you may want to place a bandage with an anti-itch medication like hydrocortisone on the sting.

Some allergies are milder than others and can result in severe swelling and discoloration of the area where the sting occurred. If your reaction goes beyond the normal reaction described above, then you may need to see a doctor. For example, one young woman was stung by a wasp on her lower leg. After a few days, the site was not only not getting better but was getting worse. It developed a deep reddish purple color and the itching was relentless. She visited the Urgent Care and was told that she had an adverse reaction to the sting. She was given antibiotics and a steroid shot. This may have been a severe reaction or the beginning of a full-blown allergy. Allergic reactions do not usually occur with the first sting a person receives, so once you have had a negative (beyond normal) reaction, you should be very cautious as future stings may induce a more severe allergic reaction.

Some people have an anaphylactic allergy to the stings of these insects. These are severe and must be treated by a doctor. In most cases, the doctor will recommend that you keep an EpiPen with you in case you are ever stung. An EpiPen is a self-contained injection that contains epinephrine. This will open the airways in the lungs, so the person can breathe. Yes, an anaphylactic reaction can be a life and death situation.

If your child has such an allergy, it is important that their school is made aware of it as stings can often occur on the playground or fields surrounding the playground area. Make sure you and your child know where their EpiPen is stored. One mother asked to see her child’s EpiPen to check the expiration date. It took four minutes for the staff to locate the key to the cabinet. After that occurrence, she requested that the EpiPen be kept by her child’s teacher in the classroom. Her request was granted. Make sure the teacher or staff has READY access to the EpiPen.

Honey bees sting once, lose their stinger in the victim, and die. You need to get the stinger out of your skin. It is best to use a scraping motion instead of pulling on the stinger because pulling will cause it to release more painful venom into your body. It is also important to get it out as quickly as possible as the longer it remains in your skin, the more venom it releases. Wasps and yellow jackets do not lose their stingers and can sting you multiple times. Yellow jackets will sting even if unprovoked!

We want to help you protect your family from these stinging pests. For some of you, we understand it is of the utmost importance. Please call us today for a free estimate. If you live in the Melbourne area down to Port St. Lucie, we will be happy to build you the screen enclosure you have desired! We look forward to making your outdoor area safer for your family.

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